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New Online Shop Launch

We are proud to announce the launch of the new Harrison Lubrication Engineering Online Shop (previously known as the Nipple Shop). To view the new shop please click HERE or visit: If you are looking to purchase any type of oil or grease lubrication product such as grease nipples, grease pumps, transfer equipment, oil pumps, nipple covers, gauges, tubing, adaptors or fittings then simply view our online shop and buy today. We have a huge stock lubrication products and we are one Read More...

New Website Launch

We are proud to announce the launch of the new Harrison Lubrication Engineering website. Please let us know what you think? If you are looking for centralised lubrication services or looking to purchase lubrication engineering equipment such as grease nipples, grease pumps, grease guns and tubing, simply give us a quick phone call, view our online shop or fill in our contact form. Read More...

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  • AIRBODS to mitigate indoor airborne COVID risk 6th May 2021
    As pandemic restrictions gradually wind down efforts are being made to understand and mitigate against the airborne transmission of COVID-19 in buildings such as events venues. To this end Loughborough University is leading AIRBODS (Airborne Infection Reduction through Building Operation and Design for SARS-CoV-2), a government-funded study that will explore how ventilation and other factors […]
  • RAEng and Amazon launch female bursary scheme 6th May 2021
    The Royal Academy of Engineering has teamed up with Amazon to launch a new bursary scheme to support young female students from low-income backgrounds. Aiming to promote female participation in computer science and related engineering courses at UK universities, the Amazon Future Engineer programme will consist of 12 awards worth £5,000 a year for up […]
  • G-Putty inks tailored for flexible strain sensors 6th May 2021
    Researchers in Ireland have developed a low-cost strain sensor made from a printable graphene nanocomposite that combines high sensitivity and flexibility without reducing performance.  The team from Trinity College Dublin have created the next generation sensing technology using so-called G-Putty, an innovation from Trinity in which putty (polysilicone, found in children’s toy ‘silly putty’) is […]
  • Interview: Andy Palmer on life after Aston Martin 6th May 2021
    Following a rollercoaster six years in the top job at Aston Martin, Andy Palmer’s focus has shifted once again to electric vehicles. Andrew Wade reports. Andy Palmer is a busy man. Since departing as CEO of Aston Martin in May 2020, the engineer and automotive executive has turned once again to electric vehicles, taking up […]
  • Europe set for customer trials of prototype E-Transit 5th May 2021
    Commercial fleet operators look set for an electric alternative to diesel vehicles following trials of Ford’s E-Transit later in the year.  Ford has announced that its prototype E-Transit vehicles will be joining customer fleets to operate in real-world conditions with businesses in the supermarket, home delivery, postal services and utilities sectors across the UK, Germany, […]