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New Online Shop Launch

We are proud to announce the launch of the new Harrison Lubrication Engineering Online Shop (previously known as the Nipple Shop). To view the new shop please click HERE or visit: If you are looking to purchase any type of oil or grease lubrication product such as grease nipples, grease pumps, transfer equipment, oil pumps, nipple covers, gauges, tubing, adaptors or fittings then simply view our online shop and buy today. We have a huge stock lubrication products and we are one Read More...

New Website Launch

We are proud to announce the launch of the new Harrison Lubrication Engineering website. Please let us know what you think? If you are looking for centralised lubrication services or looking to purchase lubrication engineering equipment such as grease nipples, grease pumps, grease guns and tubing, simply give us a quick phone call, view our online shop or fill in our contact form. Read More...

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  • Swiss team develops more sustainable reinforced concrete 14th November 2019
    Replacing steel in fibre reinforced concrete with stiff polyethylene and adjusting concrete mix reduces carbon footprint without compromising strength or consistency of wet mixture If human history can be divided into ages named after materials, we could now be said to be in the steel-and-glass age. But the artefacts of our previous epoch, the concrete […]
  • Prototyping: new methodology reduces risk and drives value 14th November 2019
    Dominic Tribe explains how production-oriented prototyping can help reduce costs and risks for manufacturers by integrating design resources Until now, the upfront costs associated with the production of prototypes and the lack of an industry-wide approach to their development, has limited their potential as a cost-reduction strategy. However, this could all change with the rise […]
  • MarinaTex bioplastic wins international Dyson prize 14th November 2019
    Lucy Hughes has been named the international winner of the James Dyson Award for her MarinaTex bioplastic material. MarinaTex looks and feels like clear plastic but is made from fish waste and agar, produced at temperatures below 100 degrees Celsius, and takes just over a month to biodegrade. With nearly half of the five million […]
  • Electrospinning device sprays bandages directly on wounds 14th November 2019
    Researchers in the US have developed a portable electrospinning device that can manufacture a bandage and apply it directly to a wound. The technology, devised by a group at Montana Technological University, is based on the electrospinning process, a method for developing polymer fibres for a wide variety of applications if biocompatible materials are used, […]
  • Hyundai tech reduces cabin noise by three decibels 13th November 2019
    Hyundai has revealed details of its new noise cancellation technology, a claimed world-first that’s been six years in the making.   Known as RANC (Road-noise Active Noise Control), it uses velocity sensors, amplifiers and microphones to calculate vibration and noise from the road, then uses a digital signal processor (DSP) to produce an inverted soundwave to […]