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New Online Shop Launch

We are proud to announce the launch of the new Harrison Lubrication Engineering Online Shop (previously known as the Nipple Shop). To view the new shop please click HERE or visit: If you are looking to purchase any type of oil or grease lubrication product such as grease nipples, grease pumps, transfer equipment, oil pumps, nipple covers, gauges, tubing, adaptors or fittings then simply view our online shop and buy today. We have a huge stock lubrication products and we are one Read More...

New Website Launch

We are proud to announce the launch of the new Harrison Lubrication Engineering website. Please let us know what you think? If you are looking for centralised lubrication services or looking to purchase lubrication engineering equipment such as grease nipples, grease pumps, grease guns and tubing, simply give us a quick phone call, view our online shop or fill in our contact form. Read More...

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  • Video of the week: Atlas takes a tumble 23rd November 2017
    This week’s video comes from Boston Dynamics, which has added gymnastics skills to the many traits already exhibited by its Atlas humanoid robot. The company that brought you Big Dog has given Atlas – a battery powered, hydraulically actuated machine that perceives via LiDAR and stereo vision – considerably more agility with backflip capabilities. Atlas’s […]
  • Biodegradable nanobots could help treat cancer 23rd November 2017
    A team of scientists have created a new generation of tiny remote-controlled nanobots which could eventually allow doctors to diagnose disease and fight cancer from within the human body. The team led by Prof Li Zhang from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, including Prof Kostas Kostarelos from Manchester University, have created the bots from […]
  • Imperial team takes first steps towards robot restaurant 23rd November 2017
    Students from Imperial College London have taken part in a hackathon to develop the technology required for a robot restaurant. Organised by technology incubator Founders Factory, the event saw teams given 48 hours and some basic equipment to come up with design concepts and prototypes. Three separate challenges were laid down: reducing waste, increasing efficiency […]
  • Scifi Eye: Making tracks for tomorrow’s drama  23rd November 2017
    Scifi novelist Jon Wallace marvels at future rail travel For an invention getting on for 200 years old, rail transport has a remarkable durability as a badge of prestige among nations. China, France, Japan, Spain and Turkey are proud of their glimmering high-speed infrastructure, while nations such as India, Morocco and Saudi Arabia are all striving […]
  • Budget sets out investments into the ‘technologies and skills of the future’ 22nd November 2017
    Budget highlights Outlook: Growth to average 1.4 per cent a year over the next five years R&D: £2.3bn investment in R&D Teaching: £76m for maths education in schools Transport: £1.7bn to improve transport in English cities; £100m in Plug-In-Car Grant Housing: £15.3bn new financial support for house building over the next five years The chancellor […]